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Great, its butterknives again.....

- Angelo's only line in the roleplay thus far...and it's not even a real line.

Angelo Kisaragi is the son of Jin Kisaragi (from BlazBlue) and Krystal (from Star Fox). He's technically the cousin of Tempest.

Early History[]

We're not exactly sure about what happened to his parents or what all went on when he was growing up. (Mathew!edit: Actually, it's probably just been too long since this person's read up on what happened to him and they're too lazy to find it.) We do know that he somehow knows Roxy and calls her "butterknives", as per the "quote" at the top of the page. Unfortunately, due to a combination of having many real-life complications and just plain losing touch with what's happened in the roleplay, his roleplayer has all but abandonned the roleplay and his character (and unintentionally caused Roxy's roleplayer to all but drop her entirely). Hopefully he will show up again some time. (To be edited later. We hope.)

Relationship with Relatives[]

Angelo reportedly has a strained relationship with his father. (To be edited later.)


(To be edited later.)