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"With that said, hi, I'm Augustin, and I'm the product of some weirdo experiment gone wrong. Nice to meet you!"

"Great, someone else joined the group. We would give out jackets and communicators, but we've been in a big rush with things recently."

- Augustin's half-hearted sarcastic reaction when Siren joined the group

Augustin is the son of Martin Brisby from "The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue" and Remy from "Ratatouille".

Early History[]

Augustin started out as an idea for an experiment in the then-insane and deranged mind of Martin Brisby. The mad mouse wanted to see what it would be like to splice together DNA (as he had done before), but then, just for kicks, create an embryo from the resulting gene combination and make it grow in the womb of the poor guinea pig he chose as the carrier. Martin searched a while to find the right one and eventually found an ideal "mate" in Remy, a rat chef who lived in Paris, France.

Remy, in turn, was drugged and captured by Martin's forces while secretly attending an international chef convention in the USA with his human friends Linguini and Colette. (More to be added later)



(More to be added later)

The Mistakes[]

(More to be added later)


Augustin is very much a Frenchman at heart, although his homeland has only done so much to influence his personality from there. The mourat is very sarcastic at times, snarking whenever possible about improbable or idiotic things. However, he's a generally nice person once you get to know him. Just don't mention anything about genetic experimentation or forcing tests on live subjects; he's sensitive about that issue.


  • Remy named him after the famed chef Auguste Gusteau, who inspired him to cook.