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Bianka "Echo" Scarlet is the daughter of Death the Kid and Flandre Scarlet. Avalon and Danger are her half-siblings, both on her father's side.

Early History[]

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She seems harmless, although she largely lives in her own little world and seems a (More to be added later.)

Other Information[]

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: late 50's-early 60's; appears about ten.
  • Physical Appearance: Bianka has pale skin, yellow eyes, and messy bluish-black hair. She wears a simple black dress with a white apron-like thing, with ballet slippers, a necklace with a bell pendant, and matching bracelets and anklets with bells hanging from them. She's average height, with a willowy frame.
  • Other: Bianka is a telepath who moves like everything is a dance and sings others' thoughts quietly to herself in lieu of speaking. She is half-vampire, but can live without blood, and finds sunlight merely irritating.