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"How dare you tie down the daughter of Thor!"

-Brynja, upon waking up and discovering that she's been tied up.

Brynja is the daughter of Thor (from the 2011 movie, Thor) and Giselle (from Enchanted).

Early History[]

After Giselle was shoved into a well in Andalasia by Queen Narissa, disguised as an old hag, she ended up in Asgard, where she almost drowned, but was rescued by Thor. As time passed, she started to settle into life in Asgard and realized that she was starting to fall for Thor, who was showing some interest in her. Odin, Thor's father, did not approve of her, but later, his opinion of her changed drastically.

Queen Narissa appeared in Asgard, once again disguised as an old hag, and tricked Giselle, who was having doubts about telling Thor how she felt about him, into eating a poisoned apple. However, after Giselle fell into a deep sleep, Thor, believing she was dead, whispered that he loved her and kissed her, reviving her. Enraged, Narissa changed into a dragon and began attacking the two now lovers, but both managed to destroy her. Giselle's bravery was enough to convince Odin that Giselle was right for Thor.

After giving them his blessing, Thor and Giselle, renamed Sigdis, married and months later, Giselle gave birth to Brynja. When Brynja turned 15, but actually looks 30, she was sent down to Earth (Midgard) where she encountered the Mistakes.



She is very close to her mother and father, as well as her grandfather, Odin.

The Mistakes[]

She doesn't have a good bond with some of the Mistakes (Thaddeus, Susan Xian, and Dorian) but has the admiration of both Ellen "Newt" Ripley Junior and Piper Cheeks.


Brynja is a little like her mother, but mostly takes after her father in terms of attitude and love of battle. Unfortunately, her attitude has a habit of getting her into trouble, mostly with some of the Mistakes, namely Thaddeus, who tells her what is and isn't appropriate on Earth.