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Cedric is the son of Cyril (Spyro) and Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).

Early History[]

Instead of being turned to stone, Discord was banished to the dragon world where he inevitably reeked chaos and the four Dragon Guardians (Cyril being one of them) were sent to stop him. He was captured and imprisoned in their temple's dungeon, and Cyril was put in charge of keeping watch over him.

Eventually, the both of them began to talk through the bars. Surprising to both of them, they seemed to be hitting it off. Cyril voiced his concerns to Discord, those concerns being that he is indeed a powerful creature, but he is using his powers for all the wrong reasons. He also brought up the question of how he expected to be admired and respected if he spent his time causing messes of everything. It took quite some time, but Discord eventually saw the light. After it became apparent that he was no longer evil, Cyril convinced the others to let Discord go. As a matter of fact, as it turns out, the two of them managed to fall in love.

Shortly after the establishment of their relationship, Cyril found out he was pregnant, and later laid an egg. Out of that egg hatched Cedric, their son.



Cedric has a healthy relationship with both of his parents, however, he can't help but feel a slight grudge for his technical father because of the way others tend to treat him for being his son, but even he realizes that this is completely selfish, and he tries his best to shake those negative feelings. Terrador and Volteer are considered to be honorary uncles, and he addresses them as such. Ignitus used to be another honorary uncle of his, but he is presumed dead. It honestly devastated him when Ignitus "died" because he was very attached to him. Cedric also finds himself referring to Spyro and Cynder as "Bro" and "Sis", even though none of them are related in the slightest.

The Mistakes[]

He hasn't appeared in the roleplay yet, but he is good friends with Flora and Electra.


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