Charity Smurf, also known as Jezebel Moriarty Helmet for most of her life, (full name Charity Jezebel Moriarty Smurf Helmet), is the daughter of Dark Helmet from Spaceballs and Smurfette from The Smurfs (the original 2D animated cartoon). Her longest friend is her robot companion, Ted.

Early History

All that is known about the relationship between Jezebel's parents prior to her birth was that they met when Dark Helmet accidentally got involved in a time travel/dimension hopping experiment and ended up turned into a Smurf (albiet with his armor still present) near Smurf Village. The rest of the Smurfs, Smurfette included, offered their hospitality, but he refused and tried to find a way to get back to Planet Spaceball on his own. Dark Helmet later came across and was subsequently captured by the wizard Gargamel and his cat Azrael. (More to be added soon)

Relationships with


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The Mistakes

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