What in bloody blue blazes is going on here!?

- Dorian, 90% of the time.

Dorian is the son of Cirno (Touhou) and Wheatley (Portal 2).

Early History

Dorian's parents were actually in a good relationship, and would still be in one today if Wheatley hadn't gotten himself into a bit of a pickle shortly after Dorian was conceived (how Dorian was conceived is a mystery in and of itself).

Dorian joined the mistakes after he got into a fight with Yukari Yakumo, and she got fed up with him and tossed him through a rift into the real world. The rift she tossed him through just so happened to be directly above where the mistakes were.



Cirno dotes on him, and he's a bit of a momma's boy. He's never met Wheatley, although he'd really like to, and the idea that he may never meet his father depresses him at times.

The Mistakes

He doesn't like most of the other mistakes, and most of them don't like him. He has a...strange relationship with Susan. He claims not to like her, but at the same time he gets jealous whenever she speaks to another guy, and seems to care about her a lot more than he says he does.


Dorian is, for the most part, loud, obnoxious, whiny, egotistical, quick to anger, and just generally unpleasant. He has a softer side, although it rarely shows and he absolutely hates showing it.

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