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Dusty is the son of Master Viper (Kung Fu Panda) and Rattlesnake Jake (Rango).

Early History[]

Not much is known about how Dusty came to be who he is; even he doesn't fully know how he was born. What he does know is that he was hatched and raised by humans since birth and was solely treated as little more than a living thing for them to experiment with. The scientists never realized it, but the whole time they were writing down their observations concerning him, he was also studying them. He even managed to learn a little more about his biological parents through reading some of their previous work; he found that they were two different types of snakes from two different continents and that the scientists had somehow managed to contain them long enough to conceive him in some way before the two of them escaped.

After spending all of his years either being handled by scientists or stuck in a glass tank, when he had reached the age of fifteen, he had finally had enough and made his way out of the laboratory and into the world in an attempt to get away from them and try to find out what the real world was like away from humankind. Over the last three years of his life, he has done fairly well for himself, but some small part of him still wonders where his biological parents are and if either one of them is even aware of his existence.


Dusty is a quiet, shady type of character, but will not hesitate to strike someone with force should they threaten him. He usually distances himself from others and observe someone from afar, trying to sum them up before he encounters them.

Other Information[]

  • Physical Appearance: Dusty has dark green scales with a few black-scaled patterns on them and a lighter, brown-tinged underbelly. Often keeps his facial features hidden under the shadow of their black hat; the only real visible facial feature that he'll allow others to see while wearing this hat is hir bright yellow eyes with slitted pupils. He'll sometimes show his dark purple-borderline-black tongue to test the air, but one doesn't ever want to catch a glimpse of his light, gleaming fangs.
  • Other: Dusty has a fear of large birds of prey, much like Jake, and has a general dislike for humans. Touching the hat, let alone taking and/or damaging it, is a really bad idea for those who don't have a death wish. Also, concerning his speech:
    • Like both of his parents, Dusty doesn't use any comicly-long hissing on his s's.
    • Dusty doesn't speak often, but when he does, his voice is often low and sounds harsh with a hinted western accent of sorts.