Deadly Mistakes Wiki

Due to the strange nature of this roleplay, there are also some equally-strange creatures that have shown up within it. These are some of them.

Extra Creatures[]


A Cthulhu-based monster that lives under the sink of Thaddeus' home. He is not allowed to come out from under the sink, or else he'll grow to an enormous size and do something horrible. He lives in multiple planes of existence at once, hates salt and serves as a garbage disposal of sorts.

Tumnus the Badger[]

Thaddeus' familar; a large badger that likes to wander around Thaddeus' home. He is unusually large and has some unusual properties, such as an irregularly high-pitched screech. As his familiar, he and Thaddeus seem to share a bond and understand each other.

The Zombie Chicken[]

A zombified chicken (uh, no duh?) that haunts Thaddeus' back yard. It is unknown what, if any, strange abilities or properties it might have. Other than, you know, being a zombie chicken.

The Dovahchicken[]

A copper dragon polymorphed into the form of an average chicken. It is capable of breathing fire, and is as strong as it is in it's natural form. It is unknown if it is capable of flight.

(More to be added later.)