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A headshot of Fawn.

Fawn is the daughter of Felicity from the German cult-classic film "Felidae" and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from... Wait, why do we even have to tell you where he's from?

To those of you reading this, prepare to have your childhood memories of Rudolph strampled on.

Early History[]

Rudolph met Felicty while taking a short vacation in Germany one summer. The two of them hit it off and eventually fell in love. They later had a... "One-nighter" shortly before Rudolph had to go back to the North Pole. Felicity gave birth to Fawn about sixty days later as a result of that one-nighter. She loved Fawn very much, even though she couldn't see her. Sadly, though, their time together was short-lived. Pascal eventually caught up with Felicity, killing her while Fawn was still a kitten, his reasoning being that she dirtied the feline bloodline with a "filthy hybrid" and that she knew too much of his murders. Fawn barely escaped with her life, running out of town and not returning until a house fire in the distance caught her eye. It was then, upon returning to town, that she found out she was dead by finding her grave in the backyard of her house.

Francis found her crying in the snow shortly afterwards, and took her in as his adoptive daughter. Fawn is not aware of her real father and all she knows is that she is a hybrid.

When she reached an age of about six months, her and her family immigrated to the United States, Ohio specifically. Because of this, she is fluent in both German and English, and her English carries a slight German accent.

At eight months, she met up with the other mistakes after following Zetta to Thaddeus' home. She now lives at his house.

Relationships With Other Mistakes[]

Fawn seems to be really fond of Mathew. Perhaps she may hold a crush on him? We'll just have to wait and see. She also holds a liking for the Serket twins, Faeton and Anurto.

She also just loves attention and snuggles from the others in general. (She's half cat. What did you expect?)


Fawn is a bright (no pun intended), lively animal for the most part, and loves attention and snuggles, much like one would expect a hybrid like her to be. Other cats are unnerved by Fawn's nonconformity (read: her glowing red nose) and they usually either avoid her completely or go out of their ways to try to make her life miserable, but she doesn't let the constant teasing and shunning from other cats get her down because she knows there are others who care for her. However, if the subject of her mother is brought up, she often gets upset when trying to explain the situation. She tries not to dwell on it too hard, though, because she knows her mother wouldn't want her to stay upset about it.