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Audrey III, or Grover, is the son of Audrey II (from Little Shop of Horrors) [yes, THAT Audrey II] and Jeffrey the Spider (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy). He is mainly called Grover, as Audrey III is more of an "official" title that he had lost the right to (through no fault of his own - actually the doing of Audrey II) in the distant past. Grover is one of the characters who literally WAS a mistake, since he was the result of Audrey II's failed attempt at "bulking" his species to create a powerful superweapon that would benefit their species. One could say Audrey II's relationship to Grover is similar to Billy's of Jeff, although the reasoning for Audrey's rejection is out of disgrace and not of fear.

He is also the older half-brother of Veridian, but he more than likely doesn't know about this.

NOTICE: Expect this page to be subject to much editing, due to this plant/spider creature becoming recently adopted (lucky thing).

Early History[]

The concept of Grover arose when Audrey II pondered the concept of scrambling his own species' genes to create a superweapon that would accelerate the plants' domination of the universe. (Indirectly) Kidnapping a specimen that seemed just as intimidating as he (although 'seemed' is the key word - apparently little to no real effort had been put into the search), the genes of the spider were scrambled with that of a plant cutting, and thus Audrey III (or, as tenderly named by his 'mother' Jeff, Grover) had materialized with all of the makings of an intimidating superweapon with a lust for human (or of anything, for that matter) blood.

However, there was one flaw.

Not taking into consideration more than just the appearance of the mother, "Audrey III" had become just as much of an accident as Jeff (who had since then had been dispatched, so Grover never knew his mother) had first become. Though Grover had the exterior of a cold-blooded and apathetic killer, Grover was naive and thoughtful, not to mention brains that greatly disappointed his father. Audrey II had to think twice about naming this... reject his true heir, so Grover was cast out, apparently expected to live on his own and pretend he never existed.

Relationship with Relatives[]



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