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"You're in a building full of dark magical objects, surrounded by very angry freaky guys, and nearby to a Lovecraftian horror under the sink...Don't. Move. A muscle."

- Jim, to Kurgan Junior

Doctor Jim is the owner of the Shady Abortion Clinic in New York City. He has encountered many strange things over the span of his career there and has met a fair amount of the Mistakes' parents at one time or another. He is the first non-Mistake character to have a permanent stay within the roleplay and is more than likely the only fully-human character to not have a strange story behind his birth.


We're not too sure about what all happened in Jim's life before the roleplay. We do know that some time before he came to own the Shady Abortion Clinic, he worked for an unusual part of the military (possibly with a man named Hammond as his superior) where he probably found out how to deal with a number of unusual situations as well as how to handle a number of different guns (and possibly some mechanical training) before he became the owner of the clinic. It can be assumed that he left the military due to some disagreements that happened between him and Hammond, but that is only a guess.

Relationships with Mistakes[]

Jim seems tolerent of many of the Mistakes, despite being annoyed by some of their antics. He seems to be good friends with Delta. He isn't too fond of Siren, but then again, who is?


Despite being the only truly-average person in this roleplay, Jim doesn't seem surprised by some of this so much as he is annoyed by some of them (namely Siren). However, he is dependable and can sympathize with others.


Needless to say, Jim has dealt with quite a few parents of the characters (or some characters themselves) in this roleplay. Some of them include, but aren't limited to: