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Kyto, also called Kytomon in more formal situations, is the technical son of Renamon and Impmon (both from Digimon Tamers). He has two half-sisters (both on Renamon's side) named Rey and Serena.

Early History[]

Kyto was conceived when Renamon and Impmon, as opposed to the traditional method of Digimon reproduction, worked together to attempt to "mix" their data. The resulting digi-egg produced Kyto, who, while favoring his mother, for the most part, inherited his father's short stature (though he is by no means quite as short) and general disposition.

The vast majority of his life was spent in the Digital World, living much as a Digimon would. However, as time went by, and his parents told him stories of their adventures in the Real World, Kyto began to crave that for himself.

And so he went after it, leaving home, and going his own way.


Kyto has been described as neurotic and short-tempered. This is a very accurate description.

But, perhaps more integral to the character, is his craving for adventure. He's ambitious, and is terrified of the possibility of living in his parents' shadows for the entirety of his life. He desires to make his mark.