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Madigan Hightop is the daughter of Tarrant "Mad Hatter" Hightop and the Other Mother.

Early History[]

Madigan was technically born in wedlock, albeit reluctant wedlock.Tarrant was deceived into marrying the Other Mother (who had passed herself off as "the Other Alice" until after the wedding night), and was forced to stay because she was pregnant.

The night Madigan was born, the Other Mother tried to sew buttons on both her eyes, but only finished one before Tarrant stopped her. This left Madigan mostly herself, albeit with a cruel split personality that would occasionally take over and attack others.

Madigan first appeared when she showed up at the Shady Abortion Clinic, not for information like the others, but simply because she saw a few of her friends in there.



Madigan and her father are very close. He loves her dearly and would give anything to save her. Her mother, on the other hand, is emotionally abusive and cruel, and attempts to drive Madigan into a despair deep enough that she lets her split personality take over for good.

The Mistakes[]

Madigan likes most of the other mistakes, especially Bernie and Heather. Rowan kind of freaks her out, and Wilson now makes her somewhat nervous, although she still trusts him. She seems to have taken a liking to Inochitori, and tends to lead her around to make sure she stays with the others and doesn't get lost.


Madigan had three personalities, although it was formerly believed that she only had two. Now, she only has one, but that's another story.

The first is Button-Eyed Madigan, or the "bad" Madigan. She's a complete monster who feigns innocence and desperately wants to be like the Other Mother when she grows up. Madigan basically cut the button off with extreme prejudice and a shard of glass, so this personality is no more.

The second, Red-Eyed Madigan, is the "normal" Madigan. She's naive, sweet, cheerful, and basically the cute little sister of the group. Actually, she's a benign split personality--kind of like Tarrant's red-eyes-Scottish-accent-angry-demeanor personality. She appeared at the same time Button-Eyed Madigan did, in order to protect the real Madigan from being completely broken and destroyed. She took all the verbal beatings from Button-Eyed Madigan, but at the cost of having to keep the real Madigan locked away. This personality is also no more, as there's no more need for her.

This brings us to Green-Eyed Madigan, or the real one. She's not too unlike Red-Eyed Madigan, although she's more mature and less blindly trusting. She's very polite, and she's more well-spoken than Red-Eyed Madigan, although she's not as energetic. She is finally showing through, after twelve years of being locked away for her own safety.