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Matthew Batres is the son of Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) and Pumyra (Thundercats).

Please do not confuse him for Mathew.

Early History[]

Miles Warren decided to kidnap two people but this time it was Ethan and Pumyra, taking their sperm and egg respectively and attempted to create a super soldier. Of course, his base of operations was destroyed and everyone assumed Miles died with the plans with the super soldier killed. However, Miles survived with the fetus in the canister still developing. Both fetuses were developing roughly around the same time and after nine months, the infant was born and two scientists took the child and ran off, escaping from the lab and barely managed to survive. They took the child as their own and escaped to reside in Canada.

They raised him as their own child, nuturing and loving him as if he were their own flesh and blood. Like with Eve, he was given a serum that would transform him into a human for only twenty-four hours. He was meek and shy as a child, and was constantly bullied but he grew out of it after looking through his dad's "nostalgia box", where he discovered the Lone Ranger and Green Hornet. In addition, he read a book about spies and secret services at the age of fourteen, which shattered his shyness forever. Since then, he's practiced martial arts, skateboarding and paintball as hobbies. He even exercised at the gym with his mother.

A few graduations later, he decided to become a freelance spy; nineteen missions and fifteen kills. Unlike Eve, he's mixed about his real parents. On one hand, he assumed they abandoned him. However, he still wishes to at least meet them and know the reason despite actually not knowing what happened previously to them.


Matthew's sort of casanova and a bit of a sexaholic. While not a full on asshole, he's still a jerk with a heart of gold being that he doesn't have a completely cold personality. He can be easy-going when he wants to but he's also a bit arrogant and full of himself. He's also rather eccentric.