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Max Sutcliffe is the son of Grelle Sutcliffe (Black Butler) and Ripley Osterkampf, the name given to First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle (Hellsing).

Early History[]

After Rip van Winkle's death (specifically when Alucard's familiars were destroyed by Anderson), her unresting soul was found by the Shinigami Grell Sutcliffe, who viewed the cinematic record of her life and was deemed to continue living. The only problem was the fact that her body was missing. Long story short, Grell (along with Undertaker's help) managed to bring her back to life. With Millennium now destroyed, Rip seemed to have no other purpose, but then she ended up falling in love with Grell (who had also fallen in love with her). The two accidentally ended up having a child together and named him Max (named for the main character of Der Freischütz, Rip's favorite play).

Relationships with Relatives[]

Max has been with both of his parents and has an overall stable relationship with both of them.

Relationships with other Mistakes[]

(To be edited once the character appears.)


Max is goofy, flamboyant and cheery, but he is also a tad bloodthirsty...