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"We will meet in due time, I am sure..."

- Salvation, to "Russel Nash" aka Connor MacLeod

Salvation is the child of Harbinger from Mass Effect and Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants, making it the younger half-sibling of Piper. Salvation is involved in the first (and current) story arc within the roleplay (see The Salvation Arc for details).

Early History[]

We're not going into the details on how Salvation was conceived; we'll just say that it happened about a year after Piper was born and that it was painful for Sandy. She visited Jim to see what he could do about giving birth to him, but shortly after Salvation was born, a general by the name of Hammond (more info on him here) came in and took the child away from her so that they could experiment on it, much to Jim's dislike.

Said experiments caused Salvation to lash out and kill numerous people and turn some of them into Husks, all the while the military's weapons were rendered useless against it. At one point, it eventually found a way to contact its father and was shocked to discover that Harbinger considered them to be a disgusting hybrid. However, Salvation still wanted to prove to its father that it was of some use and set out to destroy the world and eventually itself.

Relationship with Relatives[]

Salvation wants to prove to Harbinger that it is a good child, despite the fact that he disowned it, and it thinks nothing of Sandy. Salvation's thoughts on Piper aren't quite clear; it's aware that she's its older half-sister, refering to her as "Sibling" when they finally met each other in person, and tried to talk her into joining its cause with the promise that it would spare her as well as her friends (at least for a while), but since she refused, it seems doubtful that Salvation will give her any kind of sympathy or mercy the next time they meet. However, the arc is (obviously) not over yet, so it's hard to say...


  • All of Salvation's words are spoken with a bold emphasis.
  • Salvation also does not use any contractions in its speech.
  • Concerning Salvation's gender: While it has been stated before that Salvation is at least presumably male, Salvation's roleplayer has stated that Salvation actually has no gender.