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Sanjay Henderson is the son of Constable Neyla (Sly Cooper) and Pascal aka Claudandus (Felidae). He is also the adoptive brother of Luna.

Early History[]

A while back, Neyla and Carmelita were in Germany on a stakeout and decided to split up to cover more ground. This proved to be a terrible decision. Neyla ended up being found and captured by Dr. Preterius, and was forced to take part in one of his experiments. The experiment in question was to see if an anthropomorphic feline could be impregnated by a normal domestic feline like Pascal. He managed to get his experiment in, but only shortly before Neyla managed to escape. Neyla quickly ran to Carmelita and told her everything that had happened, and they were just about to bust Preterius, but they only came back to find his dead body on the floor.

It was later discovered that Neyla did indeed become pregnant as a result of the experiment. Neyla was distraught, and no one was really able to console her. Eventually, she went to Jim to decide what to do with the child. She didn't have the heart to go through with an abortion, so she decided to opt for adoption after the child was born. However, she would later go back on that decision. Three weeks before the due date, she overdosed on pills and was rushed to the hospital for an emergency c-section. Neyla died during the surgery, but the child survived, and was very lucky to be alive. However, he had to be kept in intensive care for quite some time before he was fit to be transferred to the orphanage. He was later adopted by Irene Henderson, who would later become the adoptive mother of Luna as well.


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