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The Lorite is the daughter of the Forest Sprite (Fantasia 2000) and The Lorax (the movie of the same name).

Early History[]

The Once-Ler's action of chopping down one Truffula tree awoke not only the Lorax, but also a sprite. They both didn't really meet each other, as the sprite came out minutes after the Lorax had discovered who was responsible for chopping down the tree, until late at night when the sprite discovered the same thing the Lorax did and agreed to help him move the Once-Ler's bed into the river. After discovering that Pipsqueak was on the Once-Ler's bed and they were both heading towards a waterfall, the sprite rescued them and ended up crashing into the Lorax after losing her grip on them and dropping them by the side of the river. After the incident, the sprite began to display some rather odd symptoms, such as craving food and stuff that wasn't food, like cards during a card game that the Lorax and a few animals were playing.

During the destruction of the Truffula trees to make Thneeds, the sprite began to experience pain for several hours, unable to even move before a few Barbaloots carried her off to a safe place. Once the pain subsided and she passed out, coming around a few hours later, she discovered the cause of the pain to be a small little creature that resembled both herself and the Lorax. Unsure of what to do with the creature, she went back with it, only to discover from the Once-Ler that the Lorax and all the animals had left after the last Truffula tree had been chopped down. He then explained to her after she showed the little creature to him and mimed what had happened earlier that she had been pregnant this whole time (the conclusion being that some magic must've passed between them when the sprite had crashed into the Lorax) and she hadn't known. Although she wanted to find the Lorax and tell him about their baby, the sprite decided to stay with the Once-Ler, who offered to help her raise her baby as atonement for what he had done to the forest (which she discovered she was unable to regrow herself) and called the creature a Lorite. Years later, after the last Truffula seed, which the Lorite had discovered and given to the Once-Ler, had been planted and a new Truffula forest was being regrown, the Lorax returned and after an explanation from the Once-Ler about the sprite, settled down with the sprite to raise their child.


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