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The Professor is the son of The Doctor (yes, that Doctor; version/incarnation not mentioned) and Storm (X-Men).

Early History[]

Through a series of bizarre circumstances, both Storm and The Doctor got drunk and he never put a condom on. Not to mention he was also stranded on Earth, so for nine months he endured Orono's pregnancy with stride. Finally, she gave birth to the half-Time Lord, half-mutant boy. Unfortunately, with the TARDIS fixed and the Time War on its way, The Doctor had no choice but to leave Storm and his son, but not before giving them both a tearful goodbye. He left and for years, everyone assumed he was dead. That is until the Time Lord's son decided to search for him having a feeling that he's still alive. With a full blessing from his mother and naming himself after Xavier (Mathew!edit: Not our Xavier, of course) and his father, he refers to himself as The Professor as a tribute to both men. Like Master II, he took a second prototype shuttle and went into space. To his horror, he traveled so far into Gallifrey that he found it was time-locked, but after searching, he couldn't find The Doctor or anyone else so he took the unmanned TARDIS and went through all of space and time looking for him.


He has the Doctor's overall eccentric personality and is very knowledgeable. When he's set on finding his father, he will find him even if it's just for one second. At times, he can be giddy, suave and even act as a manipulative chessmaster. Just don't insult his parents, as he cares deeply for them and it's a bad idea.

Other Information[]

  • Over the years, he's been reading and learning everything about human history and the dozens of galaxies and universes of every race and planet in existence.
  • He still doesn't look like he's aged one bit, being over one hundred and whatnot.