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This is a roleplay story arc which involves the Mistakes (and a few others) gathering together to stop Salvation from destroying all of Earth's living beings and eventually himself. This is the first (and current) story arc for the roleplay.

Salvation Arc Recap[]

NOTICE: This is a very long fact, it's still in progress and doesn't seem like it will end any time soon. (Mathew!edit: Will it ever end?!) This will have spoilers, but it will inform anyone who's not up-to-date on it on what all has gone on. Expect this to be edited constantly until the arc is finally over.

The Shady Abortion Clinic[]

This all started when Wilson, Piper, Dusk, Madigan, Ellen "Newt" Junior (and, much later, Augustin) all showed up at Jim's clinic to ask him one thing or another about their parents, whether it concerned asking him about a missing one or the situations in which they were conceived. (Mathew was already there when this began, and he wasn't there for any reason concerning his parents; he said that he just liked Jim's office.) The group found out a few things about each other (such as Piper and Dusk knew each other from before, and Wilson knew about both of them and Madigan), then they were quickly interrupted when Kurgan Junior suddenly showed up to kill Wilson for witnessing a crime that she had committed. After a lengthly battle ensued where Piper's arm was cut slightly and Wilson's neck was sliced open, KJ was slashed at by Piper, pinned to the wall via coat rack by Dusk (yeah, it's as strange as it sounds), shot at a few times by Wilson, bitten, set on fire and tazed by Mathew, and Ellen managed to melt KJ's foot and hand off (more on that later), bent her broadsword and finally shot off her head.

After dispatching Kurgan Junior, the Mistakes (namely Wilson, surprisingly) found a photo of "Russel Nash". Deciding that Russel could give them answers about why this Kurgan Junior person was killing people, Mathew quickly rounded up phones (which involved him tearing them out of random pedestrian's pockets), and a phonebook, during which they all revealed more about themselves with the others (including a slight hint of how Dusk really felt about Piper). After a few dead ends, the Mistakes piled into KJ's car and tracked down one of the leads (and brought a parrot named Squawky with them so Augustin could get around easier without having someone carry him all of the time).

Oh, there was also one short scene where Rowan was observing what was going on inside the clinic until Roxy tried to kidnap him then tried fighting Angelo, but that was quickly forgotten about when Angelo's roleplayer did all but completely drop out of the roleplay (and even that was a close call; it took some convincing from the other players for him to stay in).

Finding Russel[]

(Mathew!edit: Ugh, that sounds like a terrible fanmake title for an even worse fanmake of Finding Nemo...) The Mistakes ended up standing outside of the house of one of the Russel Nashs that they called and were planning to go in until Jim caught up with them in his pick-up truck to tell them about a phone call he had received either from or concerning Salvation, whom he revealed to be Piper's long-lost half-brother. After she spent a moment quietly thinking about what she had just heard, the group decided to continue with what they were doing and go see if Russel was at home. Instead, they found a stoned Kyle, telling them that he was his son and that he'd been waiting there for Russel to show up for about two weeks. After trading more information with him, Kyle volunteered to help them find Nash. The next day, he set up a meeting with the drug dealer, Jonathan Oak, where he led them all to establishment...on his bike with them following after him. Oak claimed that he knew nothing about Nash, which was an obvious lie. One quick fight with Oak's goons and a failed escape from Oak, they managed to get him to come clean to them and he told them to go to an old abandonned factory/warehouse to find him. Once they got there, Dusk briefly tried again to tell Piper about his feelings for her, but she was too eager to find Nash was there to listen to him.

They soon found out that Russel was there like Oak had said, and he told them that it was foolish of them to try to find him. He explained to them that he knew that KJ was after him ever since she (somehow) found out that he had killed her father, and he told them that he also knew some things about Salvation. He also told Kyle that he didn't actually have a mother and that he was the one who gave birth to him. Kyle became upset with this and drove off to drink off his problems. Piper, Wilson and Augustin volunteered to go off after him and get him back while everyone else stayed there to talk to Russel some more.

The Bar Scene[]

Kyle drove off to the closest bar and started downing numerous shots of vodka while someone at the bar (Mathew!edit: Don't worry; you'll find out who it is soon enough) told him that it wasn't good for him, to which Kyle said he didn't care. Shortly afterwards, Piper burst into the bar with Augustin in hand and they both demanded to know why Kyle reacted so badly to finding out about his father. Kyle explained that it was hard for him to accept the fact that he recently thought that he had no father then was suddenly hit by the fact that he actually had two of them. Augustin explained to him that he knew how he felt about that but he and Piper both agreed that he should still go back and make up to his father for acting the way that he did. While this was going on, a disguised Rowan started eyeing Wilson and was listening in on them. After hearing that Kyle and Augustin also had two fathers like him, he decided to talk with them, trying to pass himself off as a British man named Keith Matthews (Mathew!edit: Aww, not Moon or Richards?) the Second. He managed to talk his way into letting them take him with them to meet the "others". Since Kyle was too drunk to drive his bike back there, they decided that Rowan could follow them back on Kyle's motorcycle (which Piper volunteered to drive first, but Kyle scared her out of it).

...Did we mention that Wilson says all of two lines during all of this?

Back at the Factory/Warehouse...[]

Meanwhile, the rest of the group started asking Russel things about Kyle's other father and the woman he left him with. He explained that he had left him with a friend named Amanda in Los Angeles and that his other father had died. During this, Mathew also managed to ask Dusk why he couldn't tell Piper how he really felt about her, to which he answered that he was afraid of how it would affect their friendship and what she'd think of him if he did admit it and she didn't want to return the feelings. Mathew told him that he'd help him tell her (albeit by threatening him), then the phone rang (though Dusk questioned why there would be a working phone in an old warehouse/factory and who would call it). Mathew answered, and as it turned out, the caller was Salvation and he demanded to talk to Russel. Russel took the phone and spoke to him for a while, and found out that Salvation knew that the group was there with him and told him that he wished to see their potential before he hung up. Almost immediately afterwards, a group of Husks came into the warehouse and approached the group.

Before things got too bad, the part of the group that was at the bar (minus Rowan) had come back just in time to help out with the fight. During the fight, Dusk managed to save Piper from one Husk by taking the gun that Wilson had gotten from Ellen earlier and shooting it and someone else from the bar (Mathew!edit: See? I told you he'd show up again!) also drove in to help them out. After a long fight, Jim managed to shoot down the last one after he showed up again, this time arriving in an aqua quadbike. Once it was over, "Keith" had finally arrived, the quadbike transformed into Delta, and the person from the bar revealed himself to be Xavier and that he was particularly interested in finding out more about Kyle, whom the others suddenly realized had to be Kyle's half-brother. Kyle refused to believe this and became violent towards Xavier, while a number of others started arguing. Russel eventually stopped them long enough to tell them that all he could do to help them with Salvation was tell them that they should head out west to try to find him.

Once things had settled slightly, Xavier demonstrated a certain power that he could use; he could look into the memories of the deceased. He used this on one of the Husks then passed on what he had seen to Piper, which made the latter uncomfortable with what she had seen in the vision. Dusk did his best to comfort her afterwards, which was when he suddenly kissed her and finally managed to tell her how he really felt about her. She then decided to return the feelings and the two shared a short moment with each other before "Keith" informed them all that there was someone following him. That 'someone' showed up shortly afterwards and tried to attack some of them with her knife before she was separated from her weapon and was being interrogated by them. She couldn't speak, so they eventually allowed her to write to them, where she revealed that her name was Inochitori (though since she could only understand Japanese, Ellen had to translate things for her and everyone since she could understand numerous languages). During this, Rowan's real name somehow was discovered and Kyle and Augustin both managed to get the truth out of him. Not much after that, there was a loud noise from somewhere outside...

Close Encounters of the Third Kind[]

(Mathew!edit: Hey, just like the Spielberg movie!) Dusk materialized outside of the factory to see what caused the noise and saw two unusual creatures close by to a spaceship of some sort. Said creatures spotted Dusk just before he disappeared to tell the group about what he saw, and then they made their way back into the ship. Dusk showed Delta, Kyle, Ellen, Madigan, Rowan and Mathew the spaceship while everyone else stayed inside the warehouse/factory. The two inside the ship overheard Kyle briefly mention something about "going on a manhunt" to the others, and jumped to the conclusion that these people were going to be hostile, so one of them made a plan to attack them after the other let them into their ship.

Once the ship had opened up, the group entered and met a robot named Ted, whom they started to ask questions. He accidentally slipped up that there was someone else with him and revealed that he didn't know the exact time that they were in, asking if they were part of an "old Earth" reinaissance. Ted's companion became upset with him revealing so much about them to these strangers who were supposedly after them, so she decided to execute her plan and make a dramatic entrance in an attempt to surprise the group. After revealing herself to them, some of them didn't seem to be too phased with her. The stranger exchanged a few cross words with Kyle and Ellen before Ellen decided to fight her, ignoring Ted's pleas to not harm them (namely Delta). Dusk somehow managed to explain that they weren't there to hurt them, which made the two of them stop fighting. The stranger revealed herself and told them that her real name was Jezebel and that she and Ted were just messing around with the ship they were in when they were accidentally sent back in time to where they were now and now they didn't even know where their home-planet was from where they were now. Dusk told them that Wilson might be able to help them out considering that his mother's also an alien. Hoping to find out if this was possible, Ted and Jez agreed to go with them and meet the others that were with them.

After Jez made a quick change in her clothes (Mathew!edit: Not with anyone watching her, you pervert!), she and Ted followed the others into the warehouse to meet the others there. When Jez was introduced to Wilson, she suddenly felt the presence of something like "the schwartz" in him, which she explained to the rest and made them compare it to "the force". Once that little discussion was over, they asked Wilson if he knew about where their planet might be, they were disappointed to find out that he didn't know anything about it. Since they had no way of knowing how they could get back home to their own time, the two of them decided to stay with the group and help them out with their cause.

Breakfast with a side of Hijinx[]

After the group settled into the factory/warehouse and woke up the next morning, they decided to go out and get some breakfast before heading out west, but before Jim could leave, Siren showed up. After she flirted with a number of the people there and revealed that she already knew some of them from before (namely Piper since she had caught Siren trying to seduce her father), she decided to join their party and go wherever they were going, much to most everyone else's dislike.

The group later ended up discussing things at a coffee shop where Mathew drank some coffee and started going insane. Ellen decided to try to stop him by knocking him out with a frying pan so that he didn't destroy everything in the shop. Once he was unconscious, Jim, who had missed the madness due to being in the bathroom at the time, told them that he had an idea for where they should go to find out more about Salvation. He claimed that there was a recently-retired general by the name of Hammond who lived in Ohio that knew about Salvation due to taking him away from Sandy shortly after his birth to experiment on him. They agreed that they would go after the general next, but before they could do much else, Siren pointed out that someone had been eavesdropping on their conversation. The group turned their attention to a rather surprised Yuuka and started asking her questions while she asked a few of her own, since she thought that they were just a group of live-action roleplayers. Upon further inspection of them, she soon found out that they weren't roleplayers and that what they were discussing was a very real threat to life on Earth as everyone knew it. Curious to find out more about what they were up to, Yuuka decided to take up their offer and go along with them.

Ohio and a Dark Story[]

(Mathew!edit: ...Seriously, who comes up with these lame content titles?) After an unknown amount of time passed (at least more than a day since they later mentioned that they slept in some ratty motel before arriving), the group exited the vehicles they were in or on to get a look at their surroundings and regroup before moving on to see the general. While they took some time to regroup, a small, robotic boy named Dorian had suddenly dropped down near the group after having fallen from a sort of portal that led to another dimension, and a girl named Susan had crashed into both Wilson and Jezebel on her bike. Not much later, Mathew also found that there had been someone else nearby watching them; a young, blond by the name of Bernie. After they each tried to make their introductions (and a pale, white-haired teen had somehow shown up during all of this) and everyone else tried to explain everything so far to the newcomers, things started to get out of hand until an old man with a shotgun suddenly got their attention. As it turned out, the old man was the retired general that they had been looking for, so they started to ask him what he knew about Salvation. Before Hammond said anything about him, he wanted to know how they knew about him until he noticed that an unusually angry Jim was with them, which was when he reluctantly told them to follow him so he could explain things to them back in his house.

Once the group reached his house and some of them entered, Hammond started telling them about how they had experimented on him since his arrival and how Salvation had started to rebel against them at a young age. Despite all of the problems that Salvation had given them, he insisted that they continue to experiment on him, showing little to no remorse for those that were killed or had been experimented on. He told them that he had one sample of Salvation's "work" down in his basement, so some of them decided that they'd go down to take a look at it. What they found was a Husk version of a military man called Private Johnson, and he recently had a vivisection done on him. As if that wasn't bad enough, the group was even more horrified to discover that the creature was still alive (and its moans of pain had brought back some terrible old memories for Ellen, making it even worse for her). In order to keep him from seeing it, Dusk covered up Bernie's eyes and escourted him out along with a saddened and horrified Piper, while most everyone else stayed and asked Hammond more about Salvation. Hammond told them that they found out that he had contacted his father whom had rejected him due to his half-organic nature, but he wanted to prove himself a good son to his father by destroying all living creatures and then himself, and he revealed that Salvation was also suseptible to mind games. Jim gave him a simple thanks before he asked Xavier for his gun and used it to shoot the Husk. Hammond had become upset with Jim's sudden action, but no-one else stayed behind long enough to hear the retiree complain; nobody cared.

Things Get Weird[]

(Mathew!edit: Actually, it should say "weirder" given everything else in this roleplay.) Once the group left, Hammond's house, they noticed someone standing close by to their vehicles. The man introduced himself as Thaddeus and explained that he was there to see what had emerged from a portal that had been opened earlier near that spot. They figured that he must have meant Dorian, so he began to speak with him and explain to everyone else how he knew about it. He told them that he was a magician (but not the silly kind that performed at birthdays), which fascinated Jezebel since she was also practicing magic thanks to her "uncle" Gargamel, and then he also told them that someone by the name of Russel Nash had sent him over there to meet them. After that, the group all made their introductions to him and explained a little bit about what they were doing, and then Susan randomly asked Wilson if he liked anyone.

Wilson said he loved Madigan.

The roleplayers still don't enjoy talking about that part.

After a fair amount of them gave Wilson a "you're a sick man and should never be alone with Madigan again" comment or at least thought of it, Thaddeus told them that he would allow them to stay at his house for a while since he told Nash that's where they'd be. Once the group got over to his house, they found out that the strange, pale, white-haired teen from before had followed them into his house and had flopped down onto the floor of Thaddeus' home. The strange boy tiredly sat up and introduced himself as Kainashi and that he had followed them because he wanted to be friends with them. Yuuka and Kyle weren't exactly fond of him, but most of them decided that he could stay with them. They soon decided who would get to stay in which room for the time being while Kyle and Ellen ran off to the bar in the house and Bernie called his father and step-mother then picked out a book. Shortly afterwards, Siren was shoved in the broom closet and most of them decided to call it a night and headed up to their rooms.

A Relatively Quick Day...[]

The next morning, everyone woke up (Mathew!edit: instead of someone just randomly dying in their sleep), Xavier left them to go back to New York after he had learned that Ellen had killed Kurgan Junior, and Susan and Dorian started arguing while Dusk went downstairs to fix breakfast. Thaddeus warned them all not to look go under the sink because of a Lovecraftian creature called Sinkthulu lived down there, but some of them looked down there anyway, causing Sinkthulu to grab at some of them until Thaddeus threw some salt at him. Piper started to discuss what everyone should do to prepare themselves for meeting Salvation when Bernie decided to try an omelette that Dusk made, which ended up being a bad idea as he started exhaling smoke shortly afterwards. While some of them tried to help him out (which seemed to make things worse at one point), another argument broke out and Madigan ran off down the hall to avoid it and take care of something.

Hoping to find what was wrong with Madigan, Kyle and Ellen both ran down the hall after her and found her looking at her reflection. The two of them asked her what was wrong and she explained that she had an other side of herself where said side would try to hurt people if she had let it take over. Bernie, now feeling better from what had happened before thanks to Thaddeus, arrived just in time to hear what she said and help Kyle and Ellen reassure her that they would help her get through this and keep it a secret from everyone else. (Well, them and Susan, who seemed to slip in from nowhere after Thaddeus cast a silencing spell on her and she somehow heard everything.) They all returned with the rest of the group in the kitchen when Siren started eating the same omelette Bernie had, with mostly the same results and no-one helping her, while Piper finished it off with no ill effects. Shortly after this, Russel showed up and started explaining to them that he was going from town to town to help others prepare for what Salvation might do should the group fail to stop him. When some of them were discussing who could work with whom in using a certain skill, Thaddeus proposed that he could take the inexperienced Bernie as his apprentice and teach him magic if he wanted to and with his father's permission. Meanwhile, Ted and Delta were outside making small talk until Bernie's father, Reginald Stewart, whom Bernie rushed out to greet and Dusk calmly went out to greet.

Inside, Thaddeus decided to help Ellen find out what happened to her father via a scrying session using a locket that her father had given her mother some time during their relationship with each other (only with Jezebel performing the spell since he was too weak from before). Once she found out the horrifying truth about her father (you can go ahead and look at her character page to see the full story, but it isn't pretty), she went out to the front porch for a moment to think it over. A few of the others went out to comfort her, but she reassured them all that she would be fine and just needed a few minutes to herself to think things over. Back inside, some of the group briefly discussed their plans again before most of them (with Russel and Reginald with them) regrouped and Thaddeus' badger, Tumnus, showed up and let out a loud, deafening screech. Once Thaddeus fixed the effects it had on everyone nearby, Bernie told him that he was allowed to become his apprentice (though Reginald probably didn't quite understand what he meant), and Thaddeus announced that he would be allowed to take a few guests with him to a dinner he was having with the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

(Mathew!edit: Trust us, folks, that may sound like it took a while, but that's nothing to the night that came after this...Oi...)

Dinner with the Horsemen and KJ's Return[]

Thaddeus took Jezebel, Ted, Bernie, Piper, Dusk, Kyle, Ellen, Susan, Dorian and Rowan with him to see the Horsemen while everyone else stayed in Thaddeus' house. (Well, Wilson also went with them, but he didn't say or do anything, so you wouldn't be able to tell if he did go or not.) The Horsemen welcomed them and then explained to them that it was important for them to stop Salvation from destroying the world before its time, so in order to help them out, they gave everyone (except Delta, for some reason) a special gift with unique properties (and oddly, Dusk got two of them). Meanwhile, Siren and Mathew got into some trouble with Sinkthulu and Xavier came back to the house with the body of Kurgan Junior, saying that he was planning on reviving her. An upset Augustin and a terrified Reginald both objected to the idea (which made the former question how the latter was aware of who she was), which made Xavier explain to them that if they didn't bring her back, then her immortal spirit would go on an unstoppable rampage and kill everyone. When Thaddeus and the others returned, Xavier had Thaddeus repair the damage that had been done to her before and then he started to try to revive her. Most everyone watched and waited for the inevitable to finally happen when Reginald admitted how he knew about her. As it turned out, he married KJ's mother, whom was also kidnapped and forced into an odd time-travel experiment made by the same people who kidnapped him. Bernie was shocked to find out about this (and a decent amount of the group was as well) and not too much afterwards, KJ had come back to life again and tried to kill Connor once she caught sight of him. This led to another battle with them all which ended when Thaddeus froze her in a giant block of ice. Not wanting to have the immortal-spawn thaw out downstairs and then try to kill them without them knowing it, some of the group volunteered to take turns watching her in pairs that night.

The Long Night-Watch Night[]

(Mahtew!edit: *sigh* And so it begins...)

The first ones who were on watch-duty were Kyle and Ellen. While on watch, Ellen seemed to be having problems with her gun, so Kyle volunteered to help her out with it. The two of them started up a conversation during it all and that eventually led to the two of them realizing that they've actually developed feelings for each other over the last few days.

(To be edited further later on.)


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