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Cartoonatic Cartoonatic 27 December 2011

Links to other wikis and sites

So, I've been editing some of the characters' pages lately (yeah, I know, "no kidding; we've noticed"), and I'd like to mention that I think it'd be a good idea to post links to other wikis or sites that have information on the parents of the characters on here, just so maybe some of us could get a better idea of what the characters' parents are or were like. I've already edited some of them that include such links, just so you guys know that's what I'm doing. I guess I should've asked first or mentioned it before I started to do that...Oops...Um, sorry. ^^;

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Cartoonatic Cartoonatic 13 December 2011

Arc Pages?

Hey, guys, I've been wondering...should we make a page covering the Salvation arc and afterwards once we (finally) get through it, then make pages covering other arcs where it mentions all of the events that happened during said arc, including important events and bits of trivia? It's just a thought since one page mentioned the Salvation arc and all...

So...what do you guys think?

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