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"I was stressed, someone almost killed me, something bad might happen!"

- nearly all of Wilson's excuses for everything in his life. Ever.

Wilson Wilson is the son of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Deadpool, we need to say it?

Early History[]

Wilson's conception involved Deadpool saving Ahsoka once, both getting drunk and sleeping together, a visit to the Shady Abortion Clinic with Jim, and a marriage between the two of them (though whether the marriage is a happy one or not hasn't really been mentioned) after Ahsoka was kicked out of the Jedi Council for getting knocked up. That's about all that's been confirmed. (Deadpool!Edit: You probably don't wanna know the rest of the details either...or do you? Come on, admit it! I've got you curious now, don't I?)

Though not much has been really said about his childhood, there was one flashback where his mother was trying to teach him how to use the force, in which he was unsuccessful.

Some time before the roleplay started, he seemed to befriend Dusk and Piper, and before that he also knew Madigan. He went to visit Jim at the Shady Abortion Clinic to ask about how he was conceived since his parents wouldn't tell him about it. (Deadpool!Edit: What?! Yes I did! I told him that when a guy and a girl get together and- Wait, do you mean how we met? Oh, yeah, we didn't tell him that. Whoops...)

Relationships with the other Mistakes[]

He seems okay with some of the group, though it's really hard to tell seeing how he hasn't even talked to about half of them. Rowan seemed to show a lot of interest in him up until he got fed up with Wilson ignoring him most of the time. During the "mock court battle" Kainashi held to defend Rowan, even knowing that his attempt would fail, he showed signs of sympathy and pity for Wilson and his many misfortunes.


Wilson is very cowardly and seems awkward with conversation, but some of the others are hoping to get him to improve on that. He does seem to get upset when pushed too far, but that takes an awful lot to get him like that, unless someone makes fun of his mom. Despite having some knowledge of the force, he's been noted to be a little slow on the uptake. Also, he's been noted to make some very foolish mistakes and say some dumb things when he feels that he's under pressure (which happens a lot), as he has trouble thinking in those conditions.